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Edward McGuire, M.D.

Professor of Urology

I grew up in Michigan and obtained my medical degree from Wayne State University in Detroit.  I did my surgery and urology training at Yale University with a fellowship at the London Hospital in England for a year as part of that training.  I was on the urology staff of Yale University from 1972 to 1983 and attained the rank of full professor.  During that time I developed interests in the neural conditions which affect bladder and urethral function, and the evaluation and treatment of incontinence. 

I am a founding member and former president of the Urodynamics Society, an associate editor of the Journal of Urology and the Journal of Pelvic Surgery, and a feature editor of the Journal of Neurobiology and Urodynamics.  I am also a member of the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons.  As a urologist such membership is unusual, but over the years I have been a coworker and collaborator with some great people who were gynecologists; and I owe them a debt of gratitude for their spirit of cooperation in the area of women's health as that applies to urology and gynecology.

I left Yale to become the head of the section of urology at the University of Michigan in 1983 and remained there until 1992 when I left to assume the position of director of the division of urology at the University of Texas.  I returned to the University of Michigan in July of 1999.  Throughout my career I have been interested in the precise reasons why bladder and urethral dysfunction occur, how to identify these conditions, and how best to treat them.  Together with many coworkers at Yale, the University of Michigan, and the University of Texas we described the way the urethra functions, the role that bladder pressure plays in neurogenic conditions, and methods for using that knowledge in diagnosis and treatment.  I am interested in all aspects of female urology and have developed surgical treatment methods for incontinence, and methods to construct a neourethra and neobladder.  I helped to develop injectable agents for incontinence with a University of Michigan team.  I am very interested in the treatment of all kinds of incontinence and of bladder problems related to ageing and related neurological conditions including spinal cord injury and myelodysplasia.  My active clinical and basic research led to descriptions of the way lower urinary dysfunction can damage kidney function and the mechanisms involved in that process. This knowledge permits rational management of conditions which in the past were dangerous and unpredictable as to effect.

My other abiding interest has been the training of young people from all over the world in Urology.  I am proud of my former trainees located in Japan, Korea, Germany, Ireland, England, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and all over the United States.

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